Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford


Polycarbonates from Carbon Dioxide Feature in the Design Museum London exhibition “Waste Age: What can Design Do?’

Our work on carbon dioxide derived plastics is currently featured at The Design Museum London in the exhibition “Waste Age: What Can Design Do?”. The exhibition demonstrates how the production of waste is central to our way of life whilst inspiring hope for a greener and more conscientious world. Our exhibit is centred around polycarbonates made by recycling waste carbon dioxide. It features samples from econic technologies and also a sample of poly(limonene carbonate) made entirely from wastes: waste CO2 and citrus peel (limonene oxide). These polymers could be useful contributors to a future circular economy  where wastes and co-products are used to make new, high performance materials. In an accompanying film, Charlotte discusses how our chemistry might contribute to a sustainable future for plastics and Wouter and Holly show how these samples are made at laboratory scale. The exhibition is open until 20 February 2022.