Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford


July 2021 Trinity Enrichment Talks: The Future of Plastics- Environmental Challenges and Everyday Life.

Kam Poon (OxICFM CDT) will be giving a talk about his experience of studying chemistry and about the “Future of Plastics”. Aimed at year 11 and 12 students thinking about applying to university.

June 2021 Plastics from Another Perspective

Williams Group Researchers will be delivering this workshop live. Students have an opportunity to ask questions of researchers working in this field.

June 2021 Ask a Chemist: Dr Bradley Cowie

A Q&A session with Williams Group Post Doctoral Researcher Bradly Cowie.

May 2021 Plastics from Another Perspective

Williams Group Researchers will be delivering this workshop live. Students have an opportunity to ask questions of researchers working in this field.

March 2021 World Recycling Day Blog ‘Reinventing recycling: taking plastics from rubbish to resource’

A perspective from Williams Group Postdoctoral Researcher Fernando Vidal Pena.

February 2021 World Recycling Day Blog 'RSC Women in Chemistry: Making the Difference'.

The research in the Williams group inspired the first challenge of a new multi-institution project designed to highlight females researching and working in the chemical sciences. Charlotte Williams and Holly Yeo (OxICFM CDT, Williams Group) feature in resources focused on their pathways to chemistry, and the ground-breaking research into battery technology which inspired a challenge for participants to undertake at home. The team took part in three You-tube live Q&A events.



December 2020 Polymer Diversity: Online Outreach with the Museum of Natural History

Our outreach team worked with the Oxford Museum of Natural History on an exhibition showing how research throughout the polymer lifecycle might help improve the sustainability of plastics. The ‘virtual exhibit’ was part of the Super-Saturday scheme at the Museum and also introduces our team members Holly, Natalia, Jamie and Wouter.  There are activities aimed at KS1 children to learn more about plastics and their diversity of applications.

Semptember 2020 Virtual Autumn Chemistry Conference

Wouter Lindeboom presented a talk entitled ‘Plastic from another perspective’ to Year 10-13 students and their teachers on Wednesday 30th September.


Semptember 2020 Introducing our DPhils: Holly Yeo

This series of short videos showcases students from the University of Oxford- their academic journey and their research (in brief!). In this video, Holly Yeo (OxICFM CDT, Williams Group), shares her journey to Oxford and the exciting polymer research she's about to undertake to improve the batteries on which we rely.

May 2020 Addressing the Plastics Problem

We’ve written a Blog on the Oxford Martin School Future of Plastics Programme website highlighting possible solutions to the plastic problem.

May 2020 The Plastics Problem

Charlotte Williams wrote an Editorial for the special edition of RSC Chemistry World on 'The Plastics Problem'

March 2020 Primary Lecture-demonstration

Saskia O’Sullivan (Oxford Chemistry Educational Outreach Officer) and Louise Hutchinson (Senior Technician, Chemistry Teaching Laboratory) gave an engaging lecture-demonstration on Chemical Changes, highlights the research of the Williams group on sustainable plastics. The lecture was given to Years 4, 5 and 6 at St. Nicholas Primary School in Marston, Oxford, on the 12th March 2020.

March 2020 Career & Research Talks to School Students

Natalia Reis spoke to 24 Sixth Form students from The Compton School, Barnet, in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratories, Oxford on the 4th March 2020.

February 2020 Oxford Martin School Lecture

Charlotte Williams gave a public outreach lecture entitled ‘Future Options to Make Plastics More Sustainable’ at the Oxford Martin School.

January 2020 KS4 Lecture-demonstration

A new KS4 lecture-demonstration on kinetics has been designed and delivered, which highlights the Williams research group work on catalysts. The work contextualizes the catalysts and carbon capture and utilisation. This was delivered on 14th January 2020 to 180 Year 10 students at Saint Ambrose College, Altrincham, Nr. Manchester by Saskia O’Sullivan (Educational Outreach Officer), Louise Hutchinson (Senior Technician, Chemistry Teaching Laboratory (CTL)) and Tom Throup (Technician, CTL).


December 2019 Career & Research Talks to school students

Wouter Lindeboom spoke to Sixth Form students at South Bank UTC in Brixton, London, on the 16th December 2019.

October 2019  Future of Plastics Programme Website

Our website the Oxford Martin School Future of Plastics Programme has been live since October 2019. It provides a key overview of the research challenges, goals of the programme and team membership.