Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London in 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Rob Davies, working on organosilicon based MOFs for CO2 capture. Gloria is now investigating the synthesis of multiblock copolymers including polycarbonates derived from CO2.

Gloria Rosetto


Graduated with an MSc in Chemistry from University of Konstanz (Germany) in 2018. Lisa completed her Master’s Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Lorbach focusing on the synthesis of a boron-based donor-spiro-acceptor compound for thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF). Prior to this, Lisa went for an internship to the Wang Lab at Queens University (Canada). Her work involved the synthesis of colour switching boron molecules. Lisa joined the Williams lab in 2018 and works on the synthesis of layered metal hydroxide and metal oxide nanoparticles for application in the photo-reduction of CO2. Her project is sponsored by Shell and in collaboration with groups at Imperial College London (Prof. Milo Shaffer and Prof. Geoffrey Kelsall).

Lisa Häfele




Wouter is working on the synthesis and characterization of unsymmetrical heterobimetallic complexes for the ring-opening co-polymerisation of epoxides and carbon dioxide, with first row transition metals and alkali/alkali earth metals

Wouter Lindeboom

(St Catherine)

Graduated from the University of Oxford (MChem) in 2019, completing his Master’s research project under the supervision of Dr. Zoë Turner synthesising a new family of heavy metal catalysts for poly(ester) production. Jamie is now a student on the OxICFM CDT working on the synthesis of novel mechanically interlocked catalysts in collaboration with Prof. Paul Beer with a view to their application in switchable polymerisation catalysis.

Jamie Wilmore


Holly is from Cornwall, and completed her undergraduate Chemistry degree at the University of Bristol. In 2019, she undertook her MSci final year project under the supervision of Prof. Paul Pringle, studying the synthesis and dynamic bonding behaviour of diphosphanes. Holly is now a student on the OxICFM CDT and is investigating new polymers for use in lithium-ion batteries.

Holly Yeo


Lukas graduated from the University of Hamburg in Germany. As a part of his Master’s study, he spent six months at Harvard University in the group of Prof. George M. Whitesides researching elastomeric polymers and their applications. His Master’s project was carried out at the Leibniz-Institute of Catalysis in the group of Prof. Johannes G. de Vries and focused on sustainable synthetic pathways to malonic acid from renewables. In addition to his academic education, he gained experience in industry through placements at the Fuchs Petrolub labs and the BASF Polyurethanes GmbH. Lukas joined the Williams group in October 2020 with a keen interest in sustainable polymers from renewable resources and polymerization catalysis.

Lukas Wille


Kam is from London and completed his MSci at UCL in June 2020. Under the supervision of Dr Clare Bakewell, his final year work was aimed at the development of photoswitchable catalysts to control ring-opening polymerization reactions. Kam is now a student with OxICFM CDT working on the synthesis of organometallic catalyst for switchable polymerizations using renewable resources in collaboration with Prof. Clive Siviour.

Kam Poon


Francesca graduated from Durham University with an MChem in 2020. Her final year project focussed on the synthesis of models for the solid-supported synthesis of glycosphingolipids, supervised by Dr Elizabeth Grayson. She undertook a summer project in 2019 under the supervision of Dr Michael Cowley, synthesising ligands for low-oxidation state aluminium chemistry. Francesca is now a student on the OxICFM CDT working on the synthesis of heterodinuclear complexes for the ring-opening copolymerisation of epoxides and carbon dioxide.

Francesca Fiorentini


Sandy is from Australia and completed his MRes at Western Sydney University under the supervision of Dr Feng Li, where he worked on structure-function relationships in supramolecular spin-crossover compounds such as cages and helicates. He also worked on projects in electrophoretic diffusion NMR and anti-cancer Pt(II) compounds. Sandy then worked for 6 months in the Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility (AMCF) at Western Sydney University under Dr Richard Wurher. Sandy is working on developing a series of group III and IV catalysts for switchable polymerisations using a range of monomer feedstocks.

Sandy Craze

(St Hilda's)

Edward graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MSci in Chemistry in 2021. His final year project investigated Pd-catalysed C-H activation of tertiary amines under the supervision of Prof Matt Gaunt. He has also spent two summers working as an intern in Prof Clare Grey’s group in Cambridge studying techniques to measure the state of charge of redox flow batteries using magnetic susceptibility. Edward is now investigating developing catalysts for the synthesis of degradable polymers using renewable resources.

Edward Shellard