Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Charlotte Williams is a Professor, disciplined in Catalysis, Polymer and Materials Chemistry. Our group is diverse, international and multi-disciplinary and is in collaboration with other experts worldwide across a range of fields. The Williams team have expertise in areas including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, catalysis, polymer chemistry, materials science and chemical engineering.  The team is based in new laboratories in the Department of Chemistry at University of Oxford (located in the CRL for synthesis and the ICL for catalysis/analysis).  A few researchers are also co-located at Imperial College London (Dept. Chemistry). Candidates interested to apply for future positions/studentships in the Williams research team are advised to contact Charlotte (please include a CV and covering letter) and/or to apply for advertised posts.

Williams Research Group, Oxford, October 2016

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  • Royal Society Discussion Meeting - Providing sustainable catalytic solutions for a rapidly changing world (May 2017)
    • Prof. Charlotte Williams - Catalysts control to allow selective polymerizations from mixtures: a useful strategy to deliver future materials
    • Dr. Jennifer Garden - Synergic heterodinuclear catalysts: applications in CO2/epoxide copolymerisation (poster)


  •  253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition - San Francisco, USA (April 2017)
    • Prof. Charlotte Williams
      1. Switchable polymerization catalysts: Selective block copolymers from monomer mixtures (oral)
      2. Greater than the sum of their parts: Heterodinuclear polymerization catalysts (oral, ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry: Symposium in honor of William B. Tolman)
    • Charlie Coleman - Asymmetric hybrid salen/phosphasalen initiators for the iso-selective ring-opening polymerisation of rac-lactide (oral)
    • Alice Leung - Organometallic route to layered zinc hydroxides and their exfoliated monolayers in apolar solvents (oral)
    • Arnaud Thevenon - Dizinc lactide polymerization catalysts: Hyperactivity by control of ligand conformation and metallic cooperativity (oral) & Switchable di-zinc macrocycle catalysts: From highly active lactide polymerization to block copolymers (poster)

  • Congratulations to the following previous post docs of the group, we are all very sad to see you leave and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours! (2016)

  • Congratulations to Gemma Trott for winning the Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Dalton Poster competition at Dalton 2016, Warwick!

Econic Technologies

In 2011, Prof. Williams founded Econic Technologies which commercializes catalysts allowing the transformation of carbon dioxide to polymers.