Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Natalia carried out her 4th year undergraduate research project working on molecular magnetism and her Master's research project on supramolecular chemistry and molecular magnetism at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. Natalia is now studying the development of new catalysts for the CO2/epoxide copolymerisation.

Natalia Reis


Graduated with MS in Chemistry from Kasetsart University (Thailand) in 2015 under the supervision of Assistant Prof. Pimpa Hormnirun.

Nattawut (Peck)



Graduated with an MSci from Imperial College London in 2016 working under the supervision of Prof. Michael Bearpark on a computational project looking at hydrogen storage using carbon nanotubes. Tom is now working on sequence-controlled polymerisations.

Tom Chen


Graduated from the University of Warwick (MChem) in 2017. After undertaking research projects at Warwick and Monash University, Australia, Greg carried out his 4th year research project under the supervision of Dr Paul Wilson working on the development of responsive hydrogels using poly(amino ester) based brush polymers. Greg is now investigating the use of heterodinuclear catalysts for “switch” polymerisation of multimonomer feedstocks.

Greg Sulley


Graduated with an MChem from the University of St Andrews in 2016. Said completed his Masters project under the supervision of Dr. Eli Zysman-Coleman focusing on the synthesis of novel Cu(I) complexes for thermally activated delayed florescence (TADF) materials. Prior to this, Said completed a placement year with Sasol Technology UK (STUK), working on the homogeneous catalytic polymerisation of olefins. Just before joining the Williams group, Said went on to carry further research in organocatalysis with the Benaglia group at the University of Milan.  Said now works on the synthesis of layered metal hydroxide and mixed-metal oxide nanoparticles for the electrocatalytic reduction of small molecules (H2S, H2O and CO2) with the co-supervision of Prof. Milo Shaffer (Imperial College, London) in collaboration with Prof. Geoffrey Kelsall (Imperial College, London).

Said Said


Graduated from the University of Oxford (MChem) in 2017, completing his Master’s research project under the supervision of Prof. Philip Mountford investigating novel EPDM catalysts. Wilf now works on developing a new series of catalysts for “switch” polymerisation of a range of monomer feedstocks.

Wilf Diment


Graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London in 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Rob Davies, working on organosilicon based MOFs for CO2 capture. Gloria is now investigating novel nickel-based catalysts for polyethylene synthesis and ring-opening polymerization reactions. Her project is funded by SCG chemicals. 

Gloria Rosetto


Graduated with an MSc in Chemistry from University of Konstanz (Germany) in 2018. Lisa completed her Master’s Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Lorbach focusing on the synthesis of a boron-based donor-spiro-acceptor compound for thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF). Prior to this, Lisa went for an internship to the Wang Lab at Queens University (Canada). Her work involved the synthesis of colour switching boron molecules. Lisa joined the Williams lab in 2018 and works on the synthesis of layered metal hydroxide and metal oxide nanoparticles for application in the photo-reduction of CO2. Her project is sponsored by Shell and in collaboration with groups at Imperial College London (Prof. Milo Shaffer and Prof. Geoffrey Kelsall).

Lisa Häfele




Wouter is working on the synthesis and characterization of unsymmetrical heterobimetallic complexes for the ring-opening co-polymerisation of epoxides and carbon dioxide, with first row transition metals and alkali/alkali earth metals

Wouter Lindeboom