Charlotte Williams Research

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Cu/M:ZnO (M = Mg, Al, Cu) colloidal nanocatalysts for the solution hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol

A. H. M. Leung, A. Garcia-Trenco, A. Phanopoulos, A. Regoutz, > E. Schuster, S. D. Pike, M. S. P. Shaffer, and C. K. Williams, J. Mater. Chem. A , 2020, 8, 11282-11291

Triblock polyester thermoplastic elastomers with semi-aromatic polymer end blocks by ring-opening copolymerization

G. L. Gregory, G. S. Sulley, L. Peña Carrodeguas, T. T. D. Chen, A. Santmarti, N. J. Terrill, K. Lee, and C. K. Williams, Chem. Sci. , 2020, 10, 6567 - 6581

Understanding metal synergy in heterodinuclear catalysts for the copolymerization of CO2 and epoxides

A. C. Deacy, A. F. R. Kilpatrick, A. Regoutz, and C. K. Williams, Nat. Chem. , 2020, 12, 372-380

Article featured in Nature News & Views piece by Xiao-Bing Lu

Switchable Catalysis Improves the Properties of CO2-Derived Polymers: Poly(cyclohexene carbonate-b-ε-decalactone-b-cyclohexene carbonate) Adhesives, Elastomers, and Toughened Plastics

G. S. Sulley, G. L. Gregory, Thomas T. D. Chen, L. P. Carrodeguas, G. Trott, A. Santmarti, K. Lee, N. J. Terrill, and C. K. Williams, J. Am. Chem. Soc, 2020, 142, 9, 4367-4378

Ti(IV)–Tris(phenolate) Catalyst Systems for the Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Cyclohexene Oxide and Carbon Dioxide

S. K. Raman, A. C. Deacy, L. P. Carrodeguas, N. V. Reis, R. W. F. Kerr, A. Phanopoulos, S. Morton, M. G. Davidson and C. K. Williams, Organometallics, 2020, 39, 1619-1627

Metal Complexes for Catalytic Polymerizations

C. K. Williams and K. Nozaki, Inorg. Chem., 2020, 59, 2, 957-959

Heterodinuclear complexes featuring Zn(II) and M = Al(III), Ga(III) or In(III) for cyclohexene oxide and CO2 copolymerisation

A. C. Deacy, C. Durr, and C. K. Williams, Dalton Trans., 2020, 49, 223-231